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Our "I was born at..®" baby blanket instills value at 3 critical levels - hospital marketing, nurses, and your patients.


Hospital Marketing

Qualitative marketing value is defined as the perceived gain composed of an individual's emotional, mental & physical condition plus various social, economic & cultural factors. Our blanket IS the best defined vehicle that will bring you the aforementioned "value". The "I was born at...®" baby blanket will be that perpetual little billboard, always working it’s marketing magic without taking a large portion of your marketing budget.
A warm & fuzzy gift that will carry decades of word of mouth buzz.



Patient Satisfaction

The success of your Labor & Delivery unit has a direct correlation to the perceived special care a new Mother receives. We understand the main goal of your nurses  - Building Wellness, Patient Engagement, & Quality of Care
The welcoming gesture, of a new Mother receiving such a perceived luxurious gift from their Nurse & Maternity Staff will help to complete a beautiful day the patient and her family will always remember.
A happy patient equals a happy Nurse. A happy Nurse equals a happy employee.



New Moms - Your Client

Once received by your client, our "I was born at...®" baby blanket solidifies a connection New Moms, & their family, will have with your facility. They immediately believe, "What a beautiful blanket. Wow, this hospital really cares for me and my baby."
The perceived value of such a gift confirms her decision that your facility was the right choice to have her baby. Instead of spending additional resources at the mall on a blanket, or taking 3-5 swaddling blankets from your facility; your new Mom will have a beautiful keepsake blanket she can show off to her friends, keep her baby comfortable, and hold onto fondly forever.